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Curiosity Project at Discovery Communications:


How some of the greatest minds of our time answer the simple question: “What makes you curious?”


Discovery Founder and Chairman John Hendricks had a simple challenge: “Answer the questions of life.”  A bold new project at Discovery was launched with an enormous yet simple goal: to transform fundamentally the way we understand the world around us, the way we teach each other, the way we learn.  It was called “The Curiosity Project.” A child wonders, “What would it be like to walk on the moon?”  The astronaut who landed on the moon describes the experience. Another asks, “How much of the planet’s oceans remain unexplored?” The world’s expert oceanographer responds.  Someone else wonders, “What’s next for the Internet?” A renowned futurist weighs in. “What is memory?” “What is happiness?” “What is immortality?” “Why do we fear?” Curiosity will tackle all kinds of questions. Experts will answer.

We are an insatiably curious species, and it is in large part our relentless curiosity that leads to so much invention, innovation and progress. John Hendricks, the founder of Discovery Communications, has been driven by this same curiosity, wondering about the mysteries of the vast universe. Hendricks has harnessed his passion to create this unique vehicle for exploration – “The Curiosity Project” – a multi-dimensional undertaking spanning the Internet, television programming and the world of education. It is ambitious and groundbreaking – and the journey begins..

Discovery’s Curiosity Project began as a website – Curiosity Online.  It was a database about the “Questions of life” – the mysteries that keep us up at night: Why do we love? Are we alone? How do we cure cancer?  History, science, civilization, and the humanities..

How do we account for the different perspectives that make up our world? Ask a physicist, “How does gravity work?” – and you will get an answer about mass and distance. But then ask an industrial engineer and you will get another view. Different perspectives – both valid, both essential and part of a larger picture. And so we will include them all: multiple answers to the same questions, from different experts across various fields, with the reader at the center., fueled at first by a select few charter partners who help us answer these questions, will give a more complete perspective than the Internet has ever seen – because it is powered by the simple fact that we are, indeed, greater than the sum of our parts.

250 thought leaders across disciplines were interviewed on camera for the project by Richard Sergay. They included Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel, Drs. Deepak Chopra and Mehmet Oz, Sir Richard Branson, Martha Stewart, Famed Chefs Alice Waters and Thomas Keller, Boston Philharmonic Conductor Benjamin Zander, Father of the Internet Dr. Vint Cerf, Alphabet Executive Chairman Dr. Eric Schmidt, and many others. 

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